16 Days of Activism Toolkit

              16 Days of Activism

The Nursing Student Association of the University of Jamestown was approached to see if they would be interested in a photo shoot to highlight the issue of sexual assault on college and university campuses. The response was overwhelming.

There was a one-day photo shoot of the students in their own clothes holding whiteboards upon which they wrote comments they had heard people saying about sexual assault. Each student wore a white mask to insure anonymity.

A new poster was put up each day for 16 days in the student engagement center of the University of Jamestown. Information about sexual assault in the community was available. Much discussion was generated from this display.

The following article was written by Shayla King, Junior Editor of the University of Jamestown, Collegian


The club plans to make this a roving display. It is slated to be in the local mall this year.

Posters were 2 ft by 5 ft vinyl with grommets. We used a portable bamboo stand

Masks were purchased off the internet.

Posters were made by:

Intelligent Design

201 1st Ave S

Jamestown, ND 58401

Caleb Viggue, owner


The students have given permission for the use of these images but it is highly recommended that you recruit your own students as the discussion and planning is very valuable.

short-dress sexy-running put-herself-in-situation male looked-older just-say-no just-as-guilty got-drunk flirting cant-be-a-virgin-forever works-with-males why-didnt-she-fight walking-alone walk-home-alone tight-pants shouldnt-have-dressed-like-that