The Nominating Committee is one of five committees mandated by Zonta International Bylaws (Article XII, sections 7(a) and 13(a)).This is the only committee where the members are elected.

At the conference where district officers are elected, a district Nominating Committee of three (3) members shall be elected by plurality vote. The three (3) nominees receiving the largest number of votes shall constitute the district nominating Committee with the nominee receiving the greatest number of votes serving as chair of the committee. No member of the Nominating Committee shall be eligible for nomination at the district and club levels of Zonta International while serving on the Committee.

The term of the members on the district Nominating Committee shall be two (2) years, beginning at the close of the International Convention.

In the event of a vacancy occuring on the district Nominating Committee, or the inability of a member to serve, nominees not elected shall be selected to fill the vacancy in the descending order of the number of votes received for election.

The Nominating Committee has duties to both the District and Zonta International.


  • Stress qualifications required; receive and secure suggestions for nominees for the positions to be filled
  • Nominate one (1) or more qualified candidates for each office to be filled at the next election of district officers.
  • Nominate at least five (5) candidates for the district Nominating Committee

No member shall be proposed without that member’s consent to serve if elected.

Work with the Zonta International Nominating Committee to recruit qualified Zontians for Zonta International officers, directors, and Nominating Committee.

At least sixty (60) days before the start of the conference at which the election is to take place, the district Nominating Committee shall send its report to each district officer and to each club in the district. At the conference, additional nominations may be made from the floor. The nominee shall be qualified and have submitted the consent to serve to the district Nominating Committee prior to be placed on the ballot.

Members of the district Nominating Committee may be removed by the district board for failure to perform the duties of the position, or acting in such a way as to injure the good name of zonta or hamper its work. The procedure shall be as specified in Zonta International Bylaws, Article XIII, Section 10(g)(1).

1 February of each odd-numbered year – each club must have a request from the Nominating Committee Chair for suggestions for nominees for each position to be filled by election at the succeeding conference.
15 May – deadline for suggestions from clubs to Nominating Committee
60 days prior to conference – report due to District Officers and each club in district


  • Chairperson makes the request to each club for nominees for each position to be filled by election at the next conference. Request must reach each club by 1 February of each odd-numbered year
  • Personal data forms, including consent to serve, if elected, shall be prepared for each name suggested
  • Committee screens each suggested nominee based on the recorded qualifications and on the committee’s own knowledge and judgement.
  • Committee prepares a slate of one or more candidates for each district office that is to be filled at that election.
  • Prepare a list of five (5) nominees for the district nominating committee
  • NO name shall be listed without the member’s consent to serve, if elected.
  • If names are nominated from the floor at conference, the form must be completed immediately and prior to the balloting.