Service Committee

A district service committee is mandated by the Zonta International Bylaws Article XII, Section 7(a).

Committee Membership

  • The Governor appoints the chairman and such other members of the committee as the governor deems appropriate.
  • The chairman and members of the committee should be knowledgeable about Zonta International service programs and projects and the purpose and activities of Zonta International and its foundation.
  • The chairman and members of the committee should be knowledgeable about how clubs can implement effective local service projects that further the Objects of Zonta International.


  • coordinates
    • At the district level, activities to implement service programs authorized by the international convention
  • promotes
    • Awareness of and support for Zonta International service programs (international service and ZISVAW projects adopted by Zonta International convention and supported with funds from Zonta International Foundation).
  • cooperates
    • With the district advocacy and United Nations (UN) committees to enhance coordination and communication to better advance service at local, district and international levels.
  • assists on request
    • The foundation ambassador in soliciting funds for the service and education programs supported with funds from the Zonta International Foundation and adopted by the International Convention.
    • In promoting awareness and support to the district committees on Amelia Earhart Fellowships, Jane M. Klausman women in Business Scholarships and the Young Women in Public Affairs Awards adopted by Zonta International convention.
  • encourages and supports
    • Awareness of local service projects focusing on the ZI Objects and undertaken by clubs in the district.
  • communicates
    • With club service committee chairs, acting as a resource on service.
    • With the International Service Committee chair.
    • With the governor, sending the governor a copy of all correspondence related to service sent to the club or the international servcie chair.